Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Mom! I think I am going to........

yup - that is what I heard about 2 blocks from the school. And yes the last word of that sentence was puke! Thankfully - he only felt like he might have to - he didn't! (Cause there is nothing worse than puke in a car! trust me I know!)

The next sentence out of his mouth was "Mom can I go to work with you and not go to school?" Now that means the kid is sick!

You see this all started on Monday evening - Brian came to me and said - "I have had a stomach ache for the past few days" So I felt his head and sure enough a low grade fever. So a dose of tylenol and off to bed the kid went.

Tuesday dawned, Phil hit the road at 6:30 am headed to Pemberton and I was headed to Chilliwack for the day. Brian awoke - sick! Stomach ache and low grade fever. So - a dose of gravol and a tylenol later - we packed the car with dvd player, ipod, and a blanket and Brian came to work with me. He slept all the way to Chilliwack, watched a movie in the office and snoozed, slept all the way back to Cloverdale, hung out in the office while I saw clients. Got home at 6 ish and said "I'm Hunrgy!!!!"

We thought the illness had passed ... and then this morning!

I drove right by the school, called them and let them know he was staying home. Dropped Brian off at home and Phil stayed home with him (lucky Phil). Brian went back to bed where he stayed for the entire morning. Cold and sick! Apparently he spent the remainder of the day just taking it easy.

So now we wait to see what happens tomorrow. Again, both Phil and I are out of the local area for work. Fortunately, I can take Brian with me to Abbotsford for the day if needed. He can sleep on the couch, watch a movie or read a book. Hopefully- he will be able to go to school. But in reality - he is not looking so hot, a bit pale and certainly not his usual self.

And then there is the fear that he is just the first one in the family to come down with whatever it is he has. Let's hope it is not!!!

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