Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Look at that Rain!

Wow - I know we all said we wanted to snow to stop - but really now - did we really ask for all this rain at once?

It seems that the weather patterns of the west coast have really and truly changed over the past couple of years. I think that I will be looking at the end of season sales this year for a few winter items that I have not had for a long time. Here is the list of items I will be shopping for:

Winter boots - snow type - ones that come up to at least mid calf - maybe even higher if this year was any indication of things to come

Winter jacket - it is time for a new one anyways

Snow shovel - one with a longer handle - the one we currently have was designed to be used by a young kid - and if you know my kid at all you know he tuckered out on the shoveling before the whole driveway was done - he did lots and I was very proud of the way he offered to help shovel and sand the walks!!

Snow shovel - a third one - so then we can all shovel together - - look I created a new family activity for the Lang book! Aren't I smart!

Warm inside shoes - ok slippers really - but Brian is too cool to wear slippers so I thought if I called them inside shoes he would wear them!

Afghans - for the cold room, I mean living room, we could use a few new ones - ones that dont look like they have been used by the entire family over and over and over again!!!!

Cord of wood - or maybe two - it is apparent that we will never have heat to the living room - so we need to use the fireplace to heat that part of the house. So a cord of wood would be a great way to do that. Anyone know anyone with a truck load of wood they want to get rid of?

Umbrella - apparently the one that lived in my car has died an untimely death!

Gum Boots - so we can sloxh through the snow that is melting! (those I may go get tonight so I can start wearing them right away!) Ooh - maybe I could find some cool ones - not the black ugly ones but a pair of cute ones. I deserve cute ones!

And while I am at it - I want new furniture for the living room! A coffee table and a storage chest for all the blankets and afghans are my first choice - then new couches and chairs

Wow - looking at this list I think I may need a second job to pay for it all. I guess I will evalute each item and buy the ones that I can afford and leave the others for the time being.

But back to the rain --- I am happy to see it start to wash the snow away -- I hope that it does not cause any flooding for people. Drive carefully on the super wet and slushly slippery roads.

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Carole said...

That is quite a list, but I'm with you on most of them. I really need boots - more so gum boots than the snow ones. My feet were soaking wet today by the time I got home. I think the firewood is really the only one I couldn't use. We just bought a new umbrella to keep in the car.

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