Tuesday, January 27, 2009

25 Random Things

OK Tanya - lets see how far I can get

1. American Idol is a hoot!

2. Phil makes good oatmeal cookies

3. I am going to go to Scrapbook Camp

4. this guy is butchering Imagine and i wish he would stop!

5. My fire is burnt out - is it too late to start it up again?

6. Phil can not build a fire for love or money

7. Cathie is hanging out tonight -- such fun!

8. I think Phil has caught Tanya's code

9. Work was very stressful today

10. I have Fridays off starting next week

11. Not sure that I have an 11th thought

12. Brian has a ton of homework and he is not working on it right now (too late)

13. We had Ham for dinner

14. I was very sad to see snow this morning

15. I was very glad to see the rain this afternoon

16. I came home to a driveway full of strangers

17. The basement suite is for rent again

18. The furnace is on its last legs

19. My itrip broke and I need a new one

20. I am getting tired

21. The raison oatmeal cookies are all gone - Phil make more

22. There is laundry to be folder - again!

23. Simon is being mean

24. My house is cold

25. Phil is eating jello with no toast - the world as we know it has ended!


Tanya said...

Who is Simon?

Laura said...

cowell - judge on american idol

Denise Nagy said...

Jello and toast? Simon is getting mean! and I say it's never too late to light a fire...
now to LMAO! at the word of the day...ready? I swear its true!

BONERS!! hahahaha

Carole said...

I love American Idol.
What, you? Scrapbook Camp? I never would have pegged you for it... *grin* Just kidding. Enjoy!

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