Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009? Really?

Wow - hard to believe that it is 2009 today! Seem such a short time ago we were all wondering what 2008 would bring. It never seems to amaze me how quickly time seems to pass at this point in my life.

I remember when it seemed that the passage of a year was a eon! not a blink of the eye as it seems to be now.

Looking back - 2008 was a year full of interesting events and excitement. Warren was born, Tara and Chris got engaged, we went on a fabulous vacation to Alberta with Brian. And that is just a sampling of the years events!

Looking forward to 2009 - Tara and Chris will get married! A brother or sister for Warren? (hint hint) I will get a new couch, maybe! Brian will turn 11 if you can believe that.

I hope all of you have had a good time today - looking back at 2008 and all of your accomplishments and looking forward to all the 2009 will bring your way.

Happy New Year!


Tanya said...

You know, I think I'll go work on that second grandkid right now...

Tanya said...

OH and ROFL that comment was brought to you by the word "Painch"
That's EXACTLY what I think of when i think of getting you another grandkid! Tara was in the hallway--she remembers...

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