Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A Blog - Finally - an update!

It isnt that I haven't had anything to say, it isnt that I havent had time to blog --- and here is the embarrassing truth -- when I changed my blog setup and template, I lost the header bar - the blogger header where I would normally login and write my blog. So after much searching and seeking, I found it!

So here is the update ----

1. Phil's company has been sold. We are waiting to see what changes this will bring about. So far it looks good.

2. Our landlady is thinking of selling the house - not a happy thought for me -- anyone have a spare $500,000 to loan us?

3. The lady downstairs has given her notice - she is moving out at the end of the month - any one want to rent a 3 bedroom basement suite? We are nice neighbours!

4. School went back - Brian was happy to get back to it. Iam happy he likes school!

5. I booked my Princess House Party - Friday September 19 at my house - come and have a glass of wine and see the wonderful stuff!

6. I booked Scrapbook Camp for 4 days in October! Going to scrap more pictures of Warren! And get Brian's book caught up - I hope!

Well that about sums it up! Now that I have fiqured out how to get here I will try to blog more often and maybe next time I will have something worthwhile to say!

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Carole said...

Well as it is we're selling a beautiful 3 bedroom townhouse in Maple Ridge for much less than $500,000! Okay so the location is less than ideal for you, but the neighbours are nice. Oh, and the bridge is opening next year, so you'll be minutes away from your office anyhow!

OKay, it was worth a try....

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