Sunday, September 21, 2008

Have you had a good weekend?

I hope you have! My weekend has been awesome!

Friday I had a Princess House Party- it was fun. The product is very nice and the consultant was great fun.

Saturday morning was a lazy, do nothing sort of morning. Around noon we headed out for lunch, and the butcher, the baker and the produce shop (no candlestick maker this weekend). A quick stop at the liquor store and we were ready to come home for an afternoon nap. Which we had!

Tanya, Andre and Warren came for dinner. Well, Warren didn't partake but he was here nonetheless. Dinner was a phenomenal roast beast dinner - prepared by Phil! It was soooooo good.

After dinner we played the Stockticker. And it was the worst game ever - for the stocks that is. The winner of the game after 1.5 hours was Andre with $575.00 in stock and cash. That is awful!!! I never did get a chance to make any money on the stocks I had. Even so, we had a great time playing a game together. Brian and his friend Adrian played with us. Family Game nights are such fun.

Today, we went to church, which was great. It was grandparents day and we had cake to celebrate! And this year we got to go get cake first with the other grandparents!!!

This afternoon has been spent on a Lord of the Rings marathon. Well to be honest, I have dozed and napped through a good portion of the movies but isnt that what Sunday afternoons are all about?

So what have you all been doing today?


Tanya said...

Today was fun for us-church (rocks) Andre worked, then naptime, followed by a multi-course dinner with delicious wine, and a visit with Mammy and Pappy. Niiiiiice.

Carole said...

Stock ticker! Sweet! Love the game, although haven't played it in years! That used to be one of our summer/camping games.

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