Friday, June 20, 2008

Why has Monday been so long?

According to my calendar today is Friday - and I am assuming that the calendar is correct. Why then has the entire week felt like a Monday? You know that day after the weekend when we all trudge back to work feeling that the weekend was too short and dreading the voicemail and email that clients have sent over the weekend.

And then once in the office the phones start to ring and every call seems to have with it a problem or challenge to be solved. Clients are cranky, co-workers are cranky, and the work seems to just pile up higher and higher.

Usually, Monday is followed by Tuesday, the day when my productions is up! I become an overcomer. I overcome Monday, I overcome the challenges, problems and even cranky people dont worry me. But not this week - oh no! Tuesday dawned and it felt just like Monday all over again! and Wednesday - why it was just as bad, and you dont even want me to get started on Thursday.

All I can say is ---- PLEASE let today actually be Friday and not another Monday. I am not sure I will survive one more Monday.

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