Saturday, June 14, 2008

Whatever Happened to .......

...lazy Saturday mornings watching cartoons?
...$1.49 Tuesdays (bet you didnt know I was old enough to remember that)
...lazy Saturday mornings, reading a book
...good italian sodas
...lazy Saturday mornings, doing nothing
...the sun - oh wait i can actually see it now - so forget that one
...lazy Saturday mornings, playing on the computer

Are you seeing a pattern here? I wanted a lazy Saturday morning and what I got was -laundry - 2 loads done by 10:30, drop off the drycleaners, take the overdue video back, get both men in my life a hair cut, shop for load hawaian shirt at value village, wrap birthday present for kid to take to party, find a quick lunc h that the kid will eat and then drop him off at said party. And all by 1:00.

What do you think the chances are that I can get a nap this afternoon? Let me tell you - NIL , NOT AT ALL, NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN! I still have to find something hawaian for me to wear to the party tonight, confirm a sitter, make a donation jar for the party, pick up the kid from the party, grocery shop, and do at least one more load of laundry, go to the party!

And Sunday is not looking good for a nap time either - oh well maybe mext weekend. Oh wait - that is when we are having Brian's birthday party - so forget that! Maybe the week after? Please?


Tanya said...

You know what happened to lazy days? FAMILY. That's where they went!

Denise Nagy said...

SO many mom's can relate...oh boy I can too!! I did much of the same stuff today laundry, cleaning,a 3 hour outing, and 3 baths for 4 kids voila!mix allll that with a bunch of poop, messy kids oh and crying plenty of that!...HAPPY SATURDAY!

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