Monday, June 2, 2008

And another week begins!

Here it is Monday again! Hard to believe the weekend buzzed by so fast!

My office did not receive a visit from the work-elves over the weekend so I am faced with a mountain of paperwork today. This morning I was able to get maybe 5 things off my desk completely and about 10 partly done. I guess in the greater scheme of things that is not bad!

My afternoon will be full as well, I have to order two printers, update the employee manual, reorganize two workstations and test a monitor, and get training materials ready for tomorrows training day. And when that is done I am sure I will find at least 5 thousand other tasks that need my attention.

But for the moment I am sitting in my office, eating my lunch and relaxing in front of the blogs.

Have a great one all!

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Tanya said...

Oh I feel so bad - I didn't blog for you in time for your lunch break...oh no!
I'm pretty glad you guys have a training day tomorrow. That will be great.
We love you!

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