Wednesday, June 4, 2008

What A Day!

First - we lost an envelope at work- thankfully it was found before the day ended and we were able to finish up all the work that was needed.

Secondly - the router in the office was acting up and had to be reset before we could finish up the registrations for the day

Thirdly - I had to rush to the school to get Brian from his field trip - and I was still in Abbotsford at 5:15 and I had to get him by 6:00 from the school. I made it!

Fourthly - we had to make a trip to the emergency ward - nothing serious so dont worry - it was an "incident" that required a doctors help. We did learn that "it shouldn't be long" means 2 hours in Surrey Memorial time.

Finally - we had a late dinner at Boston Pizza - Dr felt that given the circumstances of the "incident" Pizza would be the right prescription for all involved. And after dinner we headed home and put Brian to bed.

Oh my -- I am tired! Let's all hope that tomorrow is less exciting!


Tara said...

dont just call it an incident tell me what happened..... do i need to sue someone...break someones arm....give a hug....make fun of brian mercilessly for years to come.... dont hang a sister out!

Laura said...

No need to sue - or break an arm - we will tell you all about it later - in a non public format.

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