Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Storm thus far....

Ok, it is Tuesday - yesterday Peggy had her surgery.  Surgery went well.  One lymph node looked suspicious so it was removed and sent off for testing together with the rest of the removed stuff.  And now, we wait. She should be out of the hospital tomorrow or the day after.

Monday afternoon I attended Chemo School.  Tanya emailed me in the morning and asked if I was going to get an A.  I think that I did pretty good!  I am planning on acing all the exams!  Still have moments of feeling totally overwhelmed, but really now,  I think that is to expected!!!

Phil had his knee surgery today, and it appears that all went well.  He is expected to come home tomorrow.  This evening the whole family went to visit.  Tara had been there all afternoon.  Brian and I headed up after work.  Tanya, Andre, Warren and Xavier came and brought dinner for Tara, Brian and I.  Everyone had a short visit with Phil and then we all left him to sleep! 

Tomorrow should be an almost normal day around here.  Phil will be home relaxing and recuperating, Tara will be his caregiver for the day.

Thursday I start the first of my pre chemo drugs.  Getting a bit anxious about my appointment on Friday.  I will update you all later!

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