Thursday, October 20, 2011

Make that a TYPHOON!!

What could be worse than a deluge you ask?  In my experience a typhoon!  A cyclone! Accompanied by whirlwinds and strong rain! 

Today I met with the Medical Oncologist, specializing in Breast Cancer.  After our discussion, I decided to go ahead with the recommended chemotherapy.  He told me that there would be few steps before the first treatment.  Chemo School, blood test, get some prescriptions filled.  I thought that would take a few weeks. 

WAS I WRONG!!  Chemo School is full next week, so I will be having a private lesson on Monday -- yup -- that is what I said, MONDAY!  and the first treatment - FRIDAY!  yikes. 

Add this to what is already going on around here and the deluge is now a TYPHOON!!
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