Saturday, December 13, 2008

Turn Signals -- an Option?

Are turn signals an option on a car?

I think that they must be -- cars such as BMW, Audi, Volvo, Lexus and some models of Chrysler all seem to be sold with out them.

You know what I mean - the guy in front of you driving the Volvo, changes lanes - no signal, turns right, no signal!

And we all know that you are supposed to signal when making a lane change or a turn, right?

So the only supposition that can be made is that the guy in front of me bought a car with NO TURN SIGNALS.

And that answers the burning question - turn signals are an option. So on your next car, get the power window and locks, keyless entry, air conditioning, heated seats, and TURN SIGNALS.

Thank you!


Tanya said...

ROFL!! It's those fancy schmancy new cars.

Carole said...

Oh we've been commenting for years on those new fendangled (sp?) cars and their lack of a turn signal.

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