Friday, December 12, 2008

Not Much Longer

And Christmas will be upon us. I am happy to say the tree is finally decorated. Next step is to put away all the boxes until the first of the new year.

I have started wrapping the gifts. And tonight I will make a list of those we still have to buy for and tomorrow I plan to hit the mall and get it all done! Wish me luck.

This weekend is the big party weekend for us -- I have a dinner tonight, office party tomorrow and on Sunday we are going to the Church banquet. Must find willpower!!! Dont want to be overeating.

I am looking forward to spending our holiday time with family and friends. This year will be such fun! Dec 16 - my brothers for dessert, Dec 20 - Phil's brothers for dinner, Dec 21 - Hatch open house, Dec 24 - Church with Tanya, Andre, Warren, Tara and Chris and then hang out at Tanya's. Dec 25 - All the kids here for breakfast then off to Stef and Sandrines for dinner, Dec 27 - Turkey dinner here with both sets of parents and our kids and Phil's sister.

I think after that we will just hang out at home and DO NOTHING!

What do you have planned?

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PrincessButtercup said...

Tonight Christmas dinner Kevin's work... Sunday Nagy Party, Monday Christmas Bureau sponsors dropping off to us, 19th Last day of school, min "gingerbread' houses with the kids so actually graham crackers, 21st Open House, 24th cook turkeys, Christmas eve service and possibly a quick drop in to a Christmas eve party, 25th sugar cereal before stockings, stockings, G&G for brunch and prezzies, nap time, dinner at 6ish and then downtime on 26th...that's what we are doing, who's next?

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