Tuesday, October 14, 2008

You want me to sing what????

In case you didnt already know this, both Phil and I are currently rehearsing for our bit roles in the upcoming production "The Gospel According to Scrooge".

About 6 weeks ago, we got a call from Susan - she wanted to ask both of us to take small speaking parts in the production. We both said yes.... maybe we should have asked more questions. Didnt know too much about the production - just that they needed some more actors and we were happy to join in.

AND THEN we discovered it is a musical. A MUSICAL!!! While both Phil and I can carry a tune, sort of, we are not singers. But we carried on, got our scripts, got our scores and got a cd to listen to.

Here we are 5 weeks in and I still cant get the songs. There are notes in these songs that I have NEVER EVER sung. They are many lines above the top line of the staff.

And I cant read music so when the leader says got to bar 120 and watch the Bflat, she might as well be talking greek!

So tonight after feeling very frustrated by my lack of ability, I have decided to just do my best and if I cant hit a note I wont sing it -- what else can I do? And I will have fun!

Any one want to run lines with me? I need to get rid of my script this week.

Oh yeah - and tonight? Heather asked for all of us and our families to sing in a choir on the 25th. Now that should be fun - I just need Phil and Brian to get on board!


Tanya said...

That is EXACTLY what happened with my "O Cannonball" play. THAT.
I can still see, in my memory, Vince sitting in the front row laughing so hard I thought he'd fall off the pew. And it was a good thing, since my part was supposed to be funny.

PrincessButtercup said...

TOO FUNNY! That's EXACTLY what I saw too! I remember that night like it was yesterday actually! Mom! I remember seeing you sing in worship, in other productions and acting. The image I remember is you playing the apartment manager with a kerchief on, you were aweseome.

You have an amazing stage presence that comes out when you are performing. Not a speck of nervousness have I ever seen when you perform. Because you give your all into it and by doing so, giving it to God, it's those special things that come through when you are on stage in any form.

Thanks for sharing that, by the way, I like trips down memory lane.

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