Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Illness begone!

So a very strange thing happened to me on the weekend.

While having my massage I discovered a very tender area on my back. I say "I" discovered it when I really mean the masseur found it when he started on the right side of my back. I jumped skyhigh! Almost off the table. And I screeched. Kind of embarrasing actually.

Alex, the masseur, told me that there were no large muscle groups there and he suspected a kidney problem and suggested that I see a doctor.

Off and on through out the rest of the weekend I got chills or got really hot and the tender spot (and I use tender instead of extremely painful) stayed painful.

Went to work on Monday with every intention of hitting a clinic on my way home. Even left early to do that. Spent the day trying to avoid being sick. I hate to throw up and I battled the nauseau and low grade fever all day. Got to the clinic and walked in - it was crowded and the smell in the room put me right over the edge - so I went home!

Tuesday morning, I stopped at a clinic on the way to work and was fortunate enought to get in right away. And low and behold - I have a kidney infection. The doctor said it an infection that was there for a while and not giving many symptoms until the massage.

He sent me off with a prescription for the largest pills I have ever seen, and instructions to get some rest. I got the pills, and headed into the office. Felt like crap, hot then cold, pain then not so much pain. Tried to work - did some - not a lot. Had clients come in to ask about something and in the middle of my explanation a wave of pain hit me and I collapsed. Well that ended my work day- once the pain subsided I drove home and slept.

Today - I went in to the office at 9 and was home by 10:30. Jill was able to come in and cover for me, what a blessing! Spent most of the day sleeping in my chair. Discovered that there really is nothing on tv during the day - even the movie channels were showing soap opera-ish - romance novelish movies. I was already sick - i didnt need to watch that kind of program!

I am living on advil and tylenol - and regardless of how I feel in the morning I will have to go to work - no one to cover for me. Lets hope that over night the ultra big, hard to swallow pills, start to work and I wake up with out the need to take a handful of pain killers!

And so I say --- ILLNESS BEGONE!!!!!


Kimpossible said...

I hope you feel better soon :)

Denise Nagy said...

wow thank god for the massage eh? who knew a massage could have saved your life! a long term kidney infection can't be good! I really hope you feel great in the morning! good luck swallowing the horse medication...neigh?

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