Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Lunch Time

It is lunchtime! I am trying to be good these days so I am having a weight watchers lasagna and a big glass of water as lunch. As long as I can avoid an unhealthy afternoon snack I can call this day a success. Well, even if I did not snack healthy I would still call the day a success.

I read the comments by Princess Buttercup to yesterdays post and I thought hmmmm. I can add most of those to my list of people that I am too - I wonder if I should. And then I decided not to - It might make me too tired.

Today after lunch I am headed to the Abbotsford office after spending a delightful morning in Chilliwack.

Hope all is well with you today!


Tanya said...

Lunch Time sounds suspiciously like "snacktime" which as you know, has its own song. Heck, lunchtime probably has its own song too, doesn't it?

Laura said...

I NEED that song!

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