Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I "Heart" Phil!

I don't think it comes as a surprise to anyone who knows me.  But sometimes it is a good idea to publicly declare it.  I LOVE PHIL!  The kind of love that causes you to carve your initials in a tree trunk, even when you know deep down inside it is not in the best interests of the tree.  The kind of love that causes you to say YES and walk down the aisle all dressed in white lace.  The kind of love that causes you to think that a houseful of kids is a good idea.

I have never doubted that he loves me. 

The past six months have revealed another level of love.  His love for me.  I know that he loves me, have never doubted that in the 38 years that we have been together.  But in the last six months he has demonstrated a love for me that brings tears to my eyes. 

He loves me enough to:

make all my meals
drive to the store at the craziest hours to get me the latest craving
wash my clothes, dry, fold and put away
make all my meals
drive me to work in the morning
drive all the way back to my office to pick me up after work ( even on the really short days)
do ALL the grocery shopping
make all my meals
bring me drinks
go out at all hours in search of the perfect smoothie
bring me pillows
cover me with a blanket
did I mention - make all my meals?
comfort me when chemo made me sick
listen to all my fears
let me cry
pray for me
go to all my medical appointments
sit with me while I had Chemo
regardless of his own fears, hold my hand and tell me it will be alright
and so on and so on.

The list could go on for many many pages.

I am so blessed to have Phil as my life partner!  I thank God daily for him.  So on this Valentine' Day I am taking a moment to say "Phil, Will you be my Valentine?  I love you?"


Anonymous said...
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Lori Boedeker said...

what a wonderful husband you have!! and I am so proud he is my flesh and blood...my cousin!! Thinking of you guys...maybe once you are feeling stronger you can come and see us.....Lori

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