Wednesday, November 2, 2011

For the Record - CHEMO SUCKS!

I know - I am supposed to be optimistic and upbeat!  Sorry - can't do it today.  While I am very optimistic and know that the chemo is doing what it is supposed to do, I feel crappy. 

I have deep seated pain in my joints and limbs that make walking hurt!!  My ankles hurt, my knees hurt and my hips hurt and every inch in between!  Family Doctor gave me some painkillers but they are not working.

Have decided to have a heart to heart with the Oncologist on the 15th to see if there is some other way of treating the side effect for the next round.  Maybe something pre-emptive!  That would be a good good thing. 

Needless to say , the pain has made it difficult to work.  Monday I lasted 2.5 hours and then yesterday about 4 hours. Today I am staying until the next person arrives to cover me, and then I am going home.  Hopefully to grab a nap, cause I am tired!!!

Here is an update on Phil, he had his surgery on the 25th.  On his right knee.  He is recuperating nicely, and is managing very well on his crutches.  He his home and off work until the first of the year.  Accepting all visitors!!

Thank you to everyone who has called and helped out.  We would be lost with out our friends, family and support team!! 


CaroleM said...

Laura, I am so sorry you're in pain. I am putting on my disability case manager's hat here - do you not have short term disability coverage? And if so, why are you still working?!?! If not, You would likely be eligible for EI disability during this time. HOney, you need to take care of yourself. I'm praying for you, for less pain, and a speedy recovery.

Laura said...

Unfortunately, I dont have any short term disability - the dangers of working for a small firm. I used up all my time off when I had the surgery and we are trying to save my ei weeks for the next stage of treatment in the new year.

The doctors and nurses had told me that many people work through chemo. And I had arranged to reduce my hours per day, but honestly this is not working out too good. I have a meeting with my bosses tomorrow morning to assess and I think I will just have to go off!

Thanks so much for all your prayers! I do appreciate them and I know that God is with me!

Natalie Brown said...

Hey Laura! I'm sorry you are feeling crappy. All I can say is that as crappy as you feel is how hard that Chemo is working to kill off that Cancer. So think of your pain as the war going on against the baddies and hopefully that will help you feel a little bit better. Sending you all my love and good energy for strength and healing!

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