Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sunshine Coast Vacation - Part one

This is a great Sunshine Coast vacation -- We are blessed to be staying in Maderia Park at The Enchanter Bed & Breakfast (found here http://www.enchanterbb.com/). We are staying in a lovely trailer, under the trees. We have a nice view of the harbour.

We came up here on Sunday - had a good drive up, the kids enjoyed the ferry ride. Got settled in - the tent set up and went shopping for groceries. This trailer is completely decked out with all you need to prepare meals for the family.

Spent the evening visiting with our hosts (who if you don't already know -- are Andre's Parents), we enjoyed a great bottle of wine and awesome company.

When bed time rolled around we got the two boys squared away in the tent and settled in for our first night. Somewhere in the middle of the night - the skies opened and the tent flooded and we had two wet kids, with their wet bedding at the door. In quick order we had them settled for the night in the trailer. They quickly fell back asleep and I layed in bed listening to the rhythmic breathing of the boys and Phil, accompanied by the rain. It was pouring!

We spent the next day, driving around checking out the countryside. We took a drive to Sechelt to dry all the wet bedding at a laundromat. Took the kids to McD for lunch and then did some groceries. It rained most of the day. We spent the afternoon watching movies, playing games and just hanging out in general.

Today we rose to a beautiful blue sky and the sun shining down on the trailer. It was incredible! After breakfast we loaded up the car and headed out to find a fishing spot! We ended up at Hotel Lake where the kids did a little fishing - the fish won!

We had a lovely roadside picnic at Garden Bay Lake. After the boys had had their fill of fishing and hanging at the lake - we headed off to check out a gallery and the yurts.

On our way back to the trailer we picked up some wasp traps (that are working awesomely!), some ice cream and some sugar cones. Spent the remainder of the day eating ice cream, playing cards and watching the boys laze away the time in the hammock. During dinner another rain storm erupted. It was a short one. Now i am sitting here writing and watching the sun slowly set over the harbour.

Tomorrow? A tour of the harbour - - it is only an hour and a half, so dont worry! Then -- who knows? That is the beauty of being on vacation - we really dont have to do anything if we dont want to!!

Hope you are all well! Love ya!

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