Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Stay Cool?

How do we stay cool in heat like this?

1. only hang out in air conditioned places
2. huddle around the fan
3. have a 24 hour long water fight
4. dont move too much
5. stand in a cold shower
6. drop ice cubes down your top and your pants
7. drink buckets of water
8. go to the mall - as long as it is air conditioned
9. dream of snow - but not too much cause I hate to shovel
10. eat a ton of freezies
11. hang your head in the deep freezer, while looking for said freezies
12. find a body of water and get in (lake, pool, bathtub, kiddie pool)

Keep adding to the list- as we all think of ways to cool off - maybe we will start to feel cool! I for on am sitting in the living room with the air conditioner and a spray bottle of cold water, spraying my legs and feet!

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