Saturday, May 2, 2009

SMS - Sad Movie Syndrome

I have this! SMS - Sad Movie Syndrome - I watch a sad movie and I cry. Even if I happen to be watching it for the second time.

Today,for some reason my husband decided to watch "A Walk to Remember". I dont think he had ever seen it before.

He put it on and watched the first part of the movie, and then decided to go clean the car out. (Why? I dont know, but it was my car -so I didnt stop him!)
He returned to the movie after the part where we find out that she is dying. He became quite distressed that she was sick!

So here I sit, tears in my eyes, while my husband is wondering why he bothered with the movie!

I wonder if I should make him read the movie synopsis prior to turning on a movie? What do you think? Then maybe I would not have to cry and he would not have to suffer the distress of the sad movie syndrome! (I always cry at sad movies, I tend to rate them by the number of tissues required to wipe the tears away!)


ck said...

I'm impressed he sat through it. My husband would NEVER give that movie a chance!

Jill said...

I have SMS too. "A walk to remember" is really sad. My mom cried too.

Tara Lynn said...

I sob uncontrollably EVERY single time i watch "its my party" and I know whats going to happen...but every time i cry and cry. Into my gigantic pilla (so i married an axe murderer reference...not sad...but funny!)

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