Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Tuesday Blog

For lack of a better title!

Just wanted to stop by here and say hi! Been pretty busy lately with the production, costume, work and just plain life.

I have a prayer request for anyone who would like to pray for me -- I need to get new glasses and they have to be paid up front. I can get about $400.00 back - the glasses are 683.50.

For anyone who knows about my recent car issues - you will know that i have that $500.00 bill to pay before I can start thinking about glasses.

The hitch is - I really need the new ones. There has been a significant change in my lenses over the past year and it is getting difficult to see properly with these - I knew I needed them I was just not prepared for the cost at this time ---

So -- pray for some creative financing for me -- that we will find the funds with in our budget to pay for the glasses and still afford the upcoming season!!!

Thanks all!

In other news --- looks like Brian will be playing in a piano recital later this month. He has been practicing some lovely Christmas songs for us. It is fun to listen to him.

We are all looking forward to a fun filled Christmas season - full of family time and good company. Got started on the shopping and we are finding it easy to stay with in our budget this year - shopping sales, using up old gift cards, looking for deals using reward points and such like. Of course - that could all change in the next few weeks - but we are trying.

Now -- back to work I go - I am off to Chilliwack and I will be listening to the new audiobook that Tanya and Andre gave me for my birthday - It is great - plug in the old itrip and hook up the ipod and some nice man reads to me!! Makes the miles fly by!

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Tanya said...

WHEN IS THE RECITAL??!?! I need to add it to my calendar!

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