Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Truly Fortunate

Today, as I was minding my own business - working diligently at my desk, my phone rang. This in and of itself is not unusal. The phone rings often in my office. But this particular call was very unusual. The conversation went something like this:

"ring ring"

Laura speaking, how may I help you?

Mrs Lang?


This is Anne from Ellendale, we have Brian here in the office (mind goes nuts - what has happened, has he broken a limb? ticked off a teacher? ) and he is not feeling very good.

(mind goes calm - thank goodness - just sick) Ok - I will come and get him. It will take me about 30 minutes to get there.

No problem Mrs Lang - thank you for coming, he has been vomiting (mind goes -0h yuck!!!!)

So, I shut down the laptop, packed up the files to be worked on for the afternoon, and headed off to the school to get the sickie. Got there and he looked pathetic! Hot to touch and a bit green around the gills.

Took him home where he proceeded to puke again. Got him some clean clothes and got some gravol into him.

Here comes the fortunate part.

I was scheduled to be the person in our Abbotsford office this afternoon and there was not a sole person available to cover for me. So I bundled the kid in the car, grabbed the portable dvd player, some soup and juice and other comforts, and off we came to the office. He has spent the afternoon watching movies, playing on the computer and generally being very quiet. I am thinking that it will be time for more gravol just before we leave for home (dont want any puking in the car).

I consider myself very fortunate that I work for a company that allows me to bring the sick child with me to the office. No one complains that he is here. No one wonders what is wrong with me when I bring him in. Concessions are made to accomodate the time that I need to tend to him. Of course if it was really serious I would stay at home with him, but on a day like today I feel totally blessed that I can still be here to do my job and still be a mom to the sick kid. We even have a couch here that he could nap on if he wanted to!

And now - I shall finish up one last file and take the kid home!

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