Wednesday, April 1, 2009

American Idol Addiction

After talking about last night's show with the ladies at work, I have decided that maybe the addiction to the show is much wider spread than first thought.

Brian is working on a project at school on drugs and alcohol and I am wondering if I should suggest he switch topics to AI Addiction, and the dangers of becoming hooked.

Signs of an AI Addiction

1. you reschedule your children's music lessons and swimming lessons so you can be home Tuesday and Wednesday evenings in order to see both the performances and the results. Once that is done you try to work a schedule where all lessons are now on Saturdays together with sports practices.

2. you know the names of all the top 12 (13 this year) and their home towns

3. you form your own judging panel in your front room and argue with each other about the performances ( Paula and Simon style)

4. you know just who will be able to sing the "phone book" and who will be bringing the "artistry" to the stage each week

5. you find yourself referring to your children as "dawg"

6. every Wednesday morning and Thursday morning you gather around the coffee pot or water cooler and discuss the previous evenings show and do not even begin to work until everyone has given their opinions! - - or alternately your morning cannot fully begin until you have discussed the previous evening's show with at least 2 other people - in person or electronically.

If you can say "yes, I do that!" to any of the above you may be AI Addicted and it is time to find a support group. Now the difficulty with that is there are NO SUPPORT GROUPS!

So - if there is someone out there who WANTS to deal with their addictions - start a group. But I think it will be a very lonely group! I for one will not be joining, I will be revelling in my addiction and enjoying the rest of the season.

I will however need grief counselling when the season is over! Maybe we will need a group for that? Let me know!


Kimpossible said...

ROFL!!! That's hilarious!

Carole said...

what's even better is you know your significant other is addicted to Idol when he does things like try to pretent to talk like Randy Jackson during the show. I haven't found too many fans at work, which kind of bites b/c I never get to talk about it - except when my Mom and I compare notes.

Laura said...

ooh Carole - a conference call with my office? what do you think?

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