Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Recovery Phase

Last week I saw the Medical Oncologist and this week I saw the Radiation Oncologist.  The Medical Oncologist told me I was doing well and now we are in the follow up and recovery phase. He scheduled a mammogram for September and a follow up appointment with him for October.
The Radiation Oncologist told me in the nicest way possible that she hoped to never see me again!  That was good news to my ears.  She was so pleased with the healing that she saw in my skin.  She told me she was so happy to see me looking so "peppy" and energetic!

Both of them told me that I can expect the recovery process to take up to a year and not to be too hard on myself.

I talked with the Medical Oncologist about what he called "balancing" surgery.  Reduce the big one to match the little one.  Not sure I am ready for surgery yet.

On the weekend I went to my favorite bra store to buy new bras and I asked them for a suggestion on how to fill the little side so I dont look so lopsided.  They are the best!!! The lovely lady there hooked me up with a silicone "foob" to stuff my bra.  And if you didnt know I was doing it, you would never know!  Of course, now EVERYONE knows (like everyone reads my blog, what an ego!) cause I posted it here!

I am thinking my "foob"  needs a better name.  Any suggestions?  I thought of Nancy - but I am not convinced my hunk of silicone looks like a Nancy.  Want to help me name it?  Come on -  you know you do!!! 


El said...

I don't have a name suggestion for you, but I think your food must be male, because only a guy would go to such great lengths to get inside your shirt!

CaroleM said...

LOL! I love "Nancy"! Too funny.

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