Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Help Wanted: Expert List Maker Needed

Ok - I have 7 days in which to get things in order for Brian returning to school, being off work for 2 weeks, having surgery, etc., etc. 

On a normal day this would not be a challenge for me.  I would jump into overdrive and create a master list of things to do, and then create all the sub lists and start delegating (ordering people to do things, is probably a more accurate description).  However, this time, I appear to be frozen.  I have a brain of swirling information, appointments, lists, etc and no way of harnessing it all into a plan. 

I am looking for a responsible person, able to manage multiple crazy thoughts at the same time.  The successful candidate will have considerable experience dealing with "sparkle brain", fuzzy logic and shocked numbness. 

Responsibilities will include, but not limited to, interpret medical jargan into english, source out school information, coordinate appointments, navigate crazy brain and general assist a total nut job.  

If this is you, and you are able to start yesterday, require no compensation or benefits, apply by return comment.


Tara Lynn said...

LOL is this something I can help you with tomorrow???

Denise Nagy said...

Hang in there!

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