Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Looking for Advice - well actually just venting!

I need to reduce my stress levels!  Work is too much to do, not enough resources.  Suggestion was made to have a co-worker make some of my calls for me.  My co-workers are in the same position!  I can not in good conscience ask them to do anything more!   I know it is tough for everyone in the company right now - but I really need someone to give me some practical suggestions and help.  Could that be the ever present Internet?

I lay awake at night worrying about all the things I need to have done that I cant get to. The nights I don't are the nights I take the sleeping pill that the doctor gave me.  I only use them when I have gone more than 2 nights without sleep, but that is becoming more and more frequent.  The Doctor is not going to refill the prescription and I really don't want him too.  I want to have my life make more sense so that I can sleep at night again!

I guess it is time to dust off the old resume. 

Then there is the noisy neighbour issue.  I know we cant do anything about them, but it is still a stress I can do with out.  

We have been looking for a new place,  but so far all we find in our price range are pretty bad, or too small.  The last one was big enough but needed some repairs and regular maintenance done.  Overheard the landlord tell the other couple that was looking at it, if they wanted things repaired or fixed up they were free to do it but that the cost would be all theirs!  Now I am not talking about anything major here,  I am talking about drawer fronts and knobs in the kitchen and medicine cabinet doors in the bathroom., Stair railing to be tightened or replaced, screen doors that didnt close.  That sort of thing.

Makes me wonder,  if the tenant is solely responsible for that sort of thing, number one why didnt the last tenant do it, and secondly, maybe more importantly, why rent?  Landlords seem to be neglecting their properties and still expecting the tenant to put time in money into the property thereby increasing the equity of the Landlord.  Some how this seems wrong!

Well, that is truly a whine!  Thanks for listening!


Tanya Baron said...

LOVE the photo of Warren and Brian.
Rewrite your resume.
Save up for a house purchase. With me. Spend the least amount on rent that you can bear.
Get excellent ear plugs with which to sleep.
Pray. (Miracles happen, plus God gives you peace.)

I know you were just venting, but those are my gut responses.

The Sears Family said...

I totally agree with the Landlord thing. We really lucked out with this place. The only thing's not ours and we cant modify the house how we need to.
I didn't know that work was so stressful for you! I am so sorry. I forget sometimes that other people have stress in their lives too. I am praying that work can become less of a stress for you. Life should be easier.

Julie said...
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