Friday, May 7, 2010


Flashback to July 2009!  Rushing to the emergency with Phil

Flashforward to May 2010!  Rushing to the emergency with Phil!

Yes you read that right.  This morning at 5:30 Phil informed me that he thought he should go to emergency.  He had severe pain in his side.  Again, flashback to July 2009!  This time the pain was on the right. 

So off we went!  Thankfully the hospital is a short drive from here.  He was asking me to hurry.  I wondered if I should have called an ambulance. 

Got him into the hospital, where they promptly got an iv started and pumped him full of gravol and morphine.   6 hours..... and a couple of morphine shots later, he had a ct scan. 3 hours later we were informed that he has a 4mm kidney stone and he could go home and pass it,  Once passed we are to take it to a specialist.

Now we are at home, he is well medicated with some sort of pain killer anti inflammatory, asleep in his chair.  And I am exhausted...

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